When will Millie have her babies

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shorty :) I love this little girl so much!

We had a little scare last Wednesday with Shorty, we took her to the vet and she had exploratory surgery last Thursday. After seven days at the vet I was able to bring her home today!

March & April Busy Busy!

Well we have been busy working for the past two months. Kory, my Dad and I took Izzy and Gerdy down to Watkins Farm in Raleigh on March 13 to be bred back. Teresa has the cutest little donkeys. We hope to go back at the end of the April to pick them back up. This time next year more Donkey babies!!

Millie had her little kid on March 27, my little nephew named her Sunshine. I’m just amazed she is almost two weeks old and she is running and jumping around..too sweet.

Kory has gotten all the land across the creek cleared, we have the seed and lime down. Hoping we are going to have a pretty green pasture in the next couple of months.

Meet Sunshine

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Burr is has been cold!

Snow is starting to melt down here..so happy about that! Super excited I received my Seeds of Change magazine in the mail today. What to plant this year?? Is Spring time around the corner I sure hope so!
Everyone survived the snow got about 9 inches BURR it was cold. Every morning for the past 4 the propane lines have been frozen. Thank the lord for loving parents that bought us a Amish heater!

You can enjoy a e-mail that I received from a dear friend her Daughter lives on a horse farm in VA and she has been up there helping her out:

To Holly From Diane---I enjoyed your life style these past few days! Lugging bales of hay through 12 inches of snow, breaking the ice with an ax so the horses could drink. Cleaning stalls in bitter cold. Oh yeah this has been fun with frozen pipes, no electricity, feeding the wood stove! I'm a rugged pioneer woman now.... watch out.

From Holly To Diane-LOL! We had frozen propane lines with not heat yesterday morning I love farm living!

To Holly From Diane-It just proves how tough we can be. When the horses leaned their heads on me I knew it was all worth it and kind of fun knowing you could accomplish so much with so little. WE ARE WOMEN !!!!!!! Let me tell you I have become a huge fan of wood stoves. It can be messy but you stay warm. How do the little goats fair in this weather?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Getting ready for the Snow......

Getting ready for the snow again….Got to get fresh bedding put down so everyone can snuggle up for the next couple of days. Kory is working on our road today it took a beating with all the rain we have had. “One Horn” went to a new home today, finally Millie can relax.